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The Veilside Fortune Build

Its status and a review of the kit itself.

Seems kind of pointless to do a review on a kit that is no longer available in the US.  But we also figured we could kill a few birds with one stone;  Status of availability, overall kit quality and the status of the build we were working on.

We are sad to report that Veilside is no longer doing business in the USA and this kit is no longer available.

Sad to report because the kit is such high quality and the fact the overall look is cool to say the least.

As some of you know, we are fans of Veilside parts, all the kits we have dealt with from them were high in quality, fit with minimal amounts of additional shaving and cutting, surface waves were well within tolerable measures and they maintained broad applications.  Although we were not typically fans of some of their designs, the Fortune kit for the FD Rx7 was special.

The overall design of this kit was excellent and gave the car a unique look, transforming the RX7 into more of an exotic then a Mazda.

The quality of the kit itself was outstanding, right down to the fuel door hardware and rubber vent tube to eliminate moisture getting trapped in the killer Carbon and HID headlamps.

The status of this build was sold off as the sponsor backed out due to economic down turns and budget constraints.

Would we recommend this kit to the DIY’er?  Yes indeed.  All that will be required is normal fiberglass prep that can be performed by anyone with basic skills.  But unfortunately as previously stated, they are no longer available in the US.

Rumor has it that there are some knock off’s being produced in the UK.  Although we have not dealt with those body kits, we are interested in getting more info on them.  If you find a supplier, let us know.

So until someone buys the molds from Veilside or starts producing a decent knock off, we will morn the loss of this body kit with the rest of the world.