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So what are we doing with this website moving forward?

Our website at Race Club Body Shop always did well, we learned a lot about Web Design, Web Managing and positioning it in search for traffic.  If you need help, feel free to ask, its what we do now.

The redesign is to freshened things up, refocus content and increase the value of the resource to our Internet traffic.

The old design was good, but this one is better because we’ve applied many things we’ve learned over the years (since 2003, I know right?).

The general topics of the website will be the same, however we will br dropping some items and refocusing others to make them easier to find and navigate.

One of the critical tips for SEO, when doing a major redesign, the content has to remain relatively the same, otherwise Google will spank you for spamming, or at the very least, pull your site down until they can verify that your not telling people they can get rich quick by sending you a dollar.  This post is not to teach a class on SEO, but if you need help, we spent years learning it.

So yes, the redesign is complete, the content will be morphed and refocused.