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Lambo Door Conversions

There’s more to doing a major build like the Veilside RX7, other wide body conversions or multiple mod’s in the same trip to a body shop.

Builds can spiral out of control real quick, estimate overages, parts quality, material quality and more.  It takes a certain level of experience in logics of a major custom car build as well as locating skilled craftsman who can do the work.  Here's a scenario we have witnessed way too many time through the years:

Estimate is written, customer thinks it’s going to cost no more and no less than quoted, shop does not make clear what he can expect, the pitfalls etc.  The shop says they need more money, the customer says no, the shop says we will charge storage, customer says no, shop charges storage and the work is way over budget.

Or you drop your project off at a shop who is planning on filling bankruptcy, you write a deposit check and their closed with padlocks with your car inside.

Or, they spend the entire deposit check on a new Jet Ski purchase and cant buy parts for a month.  Some shops rob Peter to pay Paul and become grid locked, the result?  You car sits and collects dust.

Tip#1 (freebie)  If you get to a shop and find there are so many cars in the parking lot it could pass as a junk yard?  Run……  because chances are they are grid locked and past projects are pilling up.  Your deposit check will purchase parts for a past due car.  Then you car will be put and the end of the grid.

Communication with a customer, supplier, employees become a major logistic nightmare.  Yes they may be the best dent pullers in the industry, but do they have the logics experience to handle a major custom build?  Do yourself a favor, get a project manager to handle the build, handle the communication, estimating, customer information and advice.

We found most customer are more concerned with quality than cost with builds like this, paying a consultant/project manager to oversee the details can save you time, money and many sleepless nights trying to pull of a large build in a custom body shop.

Communication and logistics are the keys to a worry free, high quality custom car build or conversion.

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Managing a Custom Project