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Lambo Door Conversions

Lambo Door Conversion Repair

Bolt on’s can be done DIY but still can be complicated with the wiring…

Buy Quality and you will save on the install…

Door conversions can be a cool mod but; if they are not properly installed they are a nightmare.  When we do a fresh install, we make sure door alignment is OEM, door function as intended by the vertical door hinge manufacturer and are balance for the strut rating.  Balancing the door will give you the proper trade off on function and ease of use.

Repairing improperly installed door conversions are done on a case by case basis and only for selected customers.  

Contact us for details on getting your door conversion repaired.

For basic information about door conversion installation prices, use this link.

We never recommend installing Lambo's on a daily driver, only if you have a second mode of transportation do we recommend Lambo's.  They can be a bit cumbersome to deal with.  If you must have a set and quality is important to you, we recommend LSD Doors for the best and easiest to bolt on Lambo kit.

Ask 5 different shops and you will get 5 different prices.  Way to many kit styles on the market these days and too many variables to deal with.

We will also try to list some of the better Lambo door kit manufacturers also.  For the full article see our blog, for installation price guide see below.

Bolt On

LSD Kit (recommended) - Kit Cost from $1600 to $3000 depending on year make and model of your car.  Kit uses roller bearings and a cup mechanism for precise opening and closing of the doors, the most complete hardware set and instructions we have see so far.  Installation $500 to $700 most cars.

Vertical Doors Inc (second choice) - Although the quality is not as good, the fitment is typically good and requires very little modification to tailor the arms.  These still require some hole slotting and weld stops to clear fenders and windshield pillars.


GT Factory or similar style with a 90 degree swing and requiring some modifications to work properly.  GT Factory requires extensive welding and critical pivot point placement to function like they are supposed to.  They also advertise 90 degree pivot but if ultimately depends on year make and model of car, sometimes they wont clear the fenders and have to be limited in the upward pivot.  Installation $1000 to $2500 most cars.  Some Porsche and Mercedes require extensive modifications and finish work to work properly as the arm needs clearance is the door seal area.

Gull Wing, Suicide, Angel etc (most require extensive modification)

Done on a case by case basis and we charge by the hour only.

We cannot afford to do every car in the world once to see how long it takes and how much to charge.  Every car is the guinea pig, therefor we charge for every hour required to do the job properly.

Lambo Repair (yes we get these too)

We repair other shops botched or otherwise failed attempts to install properly.  The only way to price these is by the hour, there is no way to know what we will run into while disassembling.  In most cases the old hinge will have to be replaced and finish work that can include paint must be done.  Repair of this type can range from $3000 (most cars) to $9000 (Porsche and Mercedes) depending on how bad they are.

Generic, eBay or Otherwise a Poor Fitting Kit

For generic or no name kits we charge a quality adjustment fee.  This fee covers poor fitment issues.  Quality Adjustment Fee $200 for Bolt On, $500 for Universal.

Keep in mind that you need an installer with experience to help avoid the pitfalls of dealing with these kinds of conversions.  We have seen and repaired many of these nightmares.  Begs the question:  How much will you save if you have to install them twice? Or have them removed or worse, cant even get in your car because they wont function properly.