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Body Kits dont come with brackets, we show you a work around for a cost effective solution.

Body kits come in many shapes and sizes.  Some simple, some more aggressive but all seem to have one thing in common:  They almost never fit like an OEM bumper or side skirt.

Fortunately they can be altered to fit like an OEM piece but unfortunately, the OEM hardware rarely fits.  Given the complexities of manufacturing composites like:  Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and even Urethane parts, its a miracle they even fit as well as they do out of the box.

To maintain a strong and vibration free installation, you WILL want to install these brackets.  They are universal trim able and strong.  Removing them at will is also one of the many benefits they provide.

After many years of body kit installation, we tried making our own out of aluminum stock, steel rods etc.  But we found a very cost effective solution available and make them available on our website as a set.

We will show you ways to install these at the strongest points, use rubber insulated washers to absorb vibration and where to buy them.

Step 1 (adjust or trim to length)

A) Find a good location for your bracket, try to locate the mounting point as close to the end of the kit as you can without interfering with the wheel (See Figure 5) And mount the other end to the chassis, lower radiator support or other strong location on the frame/structure of the car, Being careful not to screw into any vitals of course.  You may need to trim the brackets to allow for shorter distances (see figure 3).  To do this you will need to separate the ends, trim some material off and reassemble them before mounting to them car.

B) After finding your locations and trimming each bracket to length if needed, simply use the self tappers and screw the brackets to the car first.  Don't forget to place two washers, one under the bracket (creates a vibration barrier) and the other under the screw.  After mounting to the chassis snugly (don't over tighten), pull the bracket end to your mounting point on the inside of the body kit.  Run 2 self tapping screws from under the kit, directly into the bracket (Being careful not to screw into your fingers of course).

C) You can also use a nylon sleeve over your screw end.  Hold the sleeve with a pair of pliers while you screw them in.  This will give the screw more bite and keep them from backing out.  Make sure you don’t over tighten or you will loose the bite into the brackets.  If this happens, you will need to use small bolts and nuts instead of screws.

Body Kit Brackets the easy way