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Cleaning the surface before you paint is critical, cleaning is part of the repair process at many steps along the way.  The most important is the cleaning steps used before the repair process has begun.

Impurities that can effect the paint applied can actually hide in the pores of the repair surface, containments can settle on the surface from the air, brushing against the surface with dirty clothing and even leaning on the car with your hand or arms.

Surface cleaner or wax and grease remover applied one panel at a time, allowed to rest and work on the surface will penetrate the pores and bring those contaminants to the surface.  Apply with a sprayer or clean soaked cloth, give the product a minute to do its job and then wipe clean with clean dry paper towel or cloth.

Its important not to let the cleaner evaporate or dry on its own before your wipe, if its allowed to evaporate, all the impurities that it brought to the surface will settle back and create a problem later.

Proper use of wax an grease remover is critical, so much so we felt it important to dedicate a whole article about it and get into more detail of its use.

There are slow drying cleaners and fast drying cleaners but most to a great job.

So, now that you understand how and why to chemically clean the surface of the car before you paint, make sure your are consistent in the steps and your paint will consistently look top notch.

Tip:  Clean the car before you start, clean the car during the process, clean it before it goes into the booth, clean it before you paint.  Clean, clean, clean, GET IT?...

Some call it Wax and Grease Remover, others call it Surface Cleaner.  Either way it’s a critical step and there are wrong ways to use it.

Spray it on, let it soak into the pores of the paint, wipe with clean towel before the product evaporates.

How to use Surface Cleaner/Wax and Grease Remover