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Tech Tip:  How to make a dust down product substitute

When spraying a car during the painting process, the air pressure coming from the gun can sometimes pull up dust and debris from the shop floor.  Some people wet the floor down with water, but what happens when the water evaporates?  There is a product called Dust Down, its a milky liquid that your spray on the floor to keep the dust and debris from getting airborne.  This liquid is expensive and has to be reused on a consistent basis to be effective.

After years in the body shop Industry, we developed a mixture that can be used with one simple item available in any grocery store,  Dawn Dish Soap(TM).

Using a large sprayer, fill the sprayer with water almost to the fill line, squeeze in Dawn Dish Soap (about 10 sec’s worth).  Screw the top back on, rock the sprayer back and forth a bit to allow the soap to mix.  Now spray away...  Wet the floor now and when the water evaporates, it will leave behind a little sticky soap that weights down the dust a debris and keep it from getting airborne.

Talk about cheap and useful.  We also used it as a presoak when washing a car in pre repair.  Spray the car down and allow the soap to soak a bit, the wash as normal, it will strip wax and grease from the surface, we also use it as a portable wet sanding dispenser.

Many uses for this product...

How to Make Dust Down