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We know, body kits never fit.  But thats part of the fun and challenge…

One of the reasons we like working with Fiberglass Parts is the freedom, freedom to repair, modify, extend or otherwise make them fit any car your working on.  We say any car because its just a matter of how much time your willing to spend on the parts.

We understand pictures and visuals are easier to understand and relate to your project, so we will focus on the images and the captions to help you understand the basics.

Using the image boxes to the left, click and open the slide show.  Read captions at your own pace.

Summary:  To begin any body kit work, test fitting is always required because the parts rarely fit as good as you want them to.  Test fit, measure and mark where the excess or mis alignment is, make your cuts, save the left over or scrap material for use later, clamp everything up, add the repair material after clamping, allow material to set, finish using basic body work methods.

Detailed:  Test fitting requires clamping the item on the car as you would like it to fit, if the part fit real bad, you may have to make some cuts and trims for even the test fit.  This process will get you closer each time.

The fiberglass lip we were dealing with was too long in the middle and too short on the sides, so we had to make our cut in the middle based on the test fit and add material to the sides to lengthen.

The mesh you see pictured is to add rigidity to the material and is recommended when adding or extending more then 1/4 inch.  The fiber tech is strong but its not a miracle product.  The scrap pieces can be super glued in using and accelerant to set the piece up after clamping, this will help keep thing in place while you work.  Don't depend on the super glue for your repair though, it wont pass the flexible requirements for fiberglass.

After you have the basic structure clamped in and super glued (don't glue the clamps.  Been there done that) you can add the kevlar repair material (fiber tech) to the areas as needed and use normal repair methods.

Finish will plastics body fillers (Bondo), shape everything to taste and prime.  Allow everything to cure for 24 hours before painting.

Extending a Body Kit