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Duraflex Body Kit Review

We've installed many of these, here are our thoughts on the body kit, quality and installation.

We have installed many kits utilizing this relatively new flex technology and have found then to fit extremely well in most cases.

Surface waves are the most apparent and the most difficult to deal with for an amateur or back yard installer.  The flexible attributes of this material do make them more durable then normal fiberglass.  But for some reason they have not created molds with a level enough surface area to avoid the dreaded waves common with even the best composite parts.

Special attention will be required to level the surface of these parts, special attention not normally found with back yard installations.  Extensive blocking and priming will be required and cure times for primers to get an OEM style leveled surface.

In the past we ran into air pockets that crack like an egg shell and will need to be repaired prior to painting.  Fortunately we think they have solved this problem as the last kit we dealt with did not have them.

Fit was excellent with normal drilling, slotting and creative engineered alignment.  Composite parts rarely bolt on as some back yard installers so desperately hope.

Some of the side skirts we have found (typically the smaller ones) have an inherent twist, typically caused during the curing process after they have been removed from the molds.  This twist can be overcome with some creative engineering and a heat gun.  But well beyond the skills of the armature.

So after dealing with DuraFlex body kits utilizing this technology, we highly recommend them when you are considering a professional installer and have the budget for the extra body work involved to get an OEM installed look.  We would not recommend them if your installer is going to do the job in his back yard.  If you do choose to go with the back yard installer, be prepared to pay extra at the body shop to have your kit massaged or even removed and realigned.

In summary:  We like DuraFlex products and recommend them to customers who intend on having a trained professional install them.  We like the fit the designs and the durable nature.