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Body Kit Installation Price Guide

Helpful guide for pricing body kit installation.

Body Shop Body Kit Installation Helpful Price Guide

Basic collision & auto body repair estimating is different then custom, it’s easier to estimate for several reasons; books that are produced by companies who actually disassemble the vehicle in question and record the time it takes to do the procedure in question, then record reassembly times.  Sometimes the books are translated into software, auto body shops can use either, or both when estimate a repair on a car, it's also similar to the software that insurance companies use when estimating.  

Even with these tools for estimating, there are always judgment items, these are items that are not in the book and the estimator has to judge (educated guess) how long the repair will take.  

Even using these methods estimates are still not 100% accurate, even insurance companies understand and allow for supplements (additional charges for additional work required).

Unfortunately supplements are a fact of life in body shops and something they have dealt with for years, insurance companies would love to eliminate them, but they cant  "as long as we have an imperfect world we will have supplements" and judgement items.

Technically the only way to eliminate judgement items is to only charge the hours, materials and parts necessary to do the job.

Basic Body Kit Installation without Paint

In some cases all a customer needs is to have their kit bolted on, sometimes they already have someone who will paint.  If you just want a good fitting kit for someone else to paint, it’s a good low budget option for you.

$see price matrix

Basic Body Kit Installation with Paint

Full 4 piece body kit installation and paint.  Includes basic prep for paint Lite trimming for fitment and removing most common fiberglass imperfections like air pockets in the gel coat, minor waves in the surface common to fiberglass and of course paint.

$see price matrix

Extreme Installation

Show quality, no imperfections, totally boxing in or utilizing factory splash shields and fender liners. Side skirts molded in and WILL NOT CRACK.  This installation looks better than factory and with the use of brackets, mesh and our installation kit it's the most durable set up that we have ever seen on any car.

$see price matrix

Wide Body Kit Installation

There are several types of wide body kits available today and most are done on a case by case basis and usually require painting the car allover or come close to it.

Molding the parts in is a popular option when we did wide body kits but, bolt/rivet on are an option for our Drifting or Full Race Customers and will be on the lower end of the price range.

*  Note:  For years fiberglass could not be molded into steel without cracking.  We perfected a method for molding fiberglass parts into steel and even urethane bumpers.  We sell this information in our online store because it has value, I mean how many body shops can say “we mold body kits with zero cracking”.  Find it in our online store.  

$see price matrix

Custom Wide Body Creations

We can custom build a wide body kit using fiberglass or urethane parts.  Pricing for this is budget specific and if you have to ask you may not be ready for it.

$see price matrix

Weather it's repairing urethane, custom cut openings for fog lamps or molding into a metal panel, we have perfected the method.  Using this method we can mold a lip kit into a factory bumper and it looks like a one piece kit, or mold a "urethane" spoiler into your steel or aluminum rear hatch.

Custom Fit Body Kit

These are done for the hard to find applications.  If you have a car that you are having trouble finding a kit for or you can't find a kit at all, we can take a body kit and alter it to fit your application.  These are done on a case by case basis and are more expensive than a normal install, this applies to fiberglass as well as urethane.

Body Kit Engineering

This is an installation where you need to be able to easily remove the kit for part replacement or repair, usually done on cars intended for Lambo doors, drifting or sanctioned racing.  Their installed with bracing, clips and fasteners that will allow for removal and be structurally stronger then a normal kit.

Custom Car Builder

We can completely build, finish or repair your kit car project or build a complete turn key custom tuner car.

As you will find out, depending how many shops you ask, that's how many different prices you will get.  If your project is intended for shows, that's a whole different pricing structure and ultimately depends on your budget.  You can spend $10,000 to $25,000 or more on a first class custom project with install and allover paint and some graphics.

We would like to have a one price fits all but unfortunately there are too many variables to deal with.  Why Buy Quality?  Pay more for a quality kit and you will save on the install, kits are cheaper than body labor.

To consult with someone about your project, click here

For more information see price matrix