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AutoLoc Lambo 90*

We have used many Auto-Loc® products in the past and can provide some insight as to what you can expect from them.

We have used many Auto-Loc® products in the past and can provide some insight as to what you can expect from them.

Auto-Loc®, a subsidiary of The Hoffman Group® makes custom accessories for the automotive after markets.

We will preface this article by saying: “we have experience with Auto-Loc 90 degree Lambo’s’, Flip Flop trunk hinge and door popper kits).  We don't have experience with their entire product line but, we can talk about the experiences we've had in dealing with customer service and sales.

The Review of their Lambo (the 90*) kit

The first thing we noticed about the Lambo hinge was; the salesman lied to the customer and told them it was a bolt on, “they don’t make bolt on’s”.  Yes sometimes salesman lie to make a sale (huh?).

The second thing we notice was; the skid plate was made backwards (we will be posting pictures).  The skid plate is the curved bar that prevents the arm from coming up when the door is ajar.  As the door is opened and moves past the skid plate, it then start the upward motion.  The skid plates job is to prevent the door from hitting the fender during the upward motion.  The ark angle was incorrect on the hinges we were working with, the only way the hinge would work properly was to turn it upside down and weld it.  They may have fixed this issue on recent models.

After calling them several times explaining the problem, they still had no clue as to what we were talking about.  We will be posting an animation slide show to give you a better understanding.  But like I say, they may have resolved this issue.

The quality of the kit itself was very high, the welds look great, the finished is brushed.

Although we are not a fan of the style hinge (the skid plate) that rubs metal on metal (metal wears).  Similar in style would be the GT Factory 90 hinge.  If its a show only application where the doors will be seldom used and your willing to modify the skid plate.  This hinge would be a last choice.  All things being equal, we would opt for the GT Factory hinge (the skid plate is adjustable).

We will be posting more on this topic as time permits…  Stay tuned and bookmark :)