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Welcome to the Redesigned Race Club Body Shop Website

There was a time, back in the day, Lambo’s, Vertical, Gull Wing and other door conversions where all the rage.  They where fresh and cool, but then people started to realize they where a major headache f not properly installed.  Many people installed them, they didn't work properly, had maintenance problems and after they were put into service, you couldn't buy parts for some of the kits.  Body shops struggled with the installation and typically would turn the work down because they simply did not want to deal with the problematic install or the liability questions if they failed to live up to expectations.

It seems to me the fad is gone?  Maybe you can comment and give us a heads up.  The research we’ve done suggests the pricing of kits have gone way down because of all the knock offs.  Installers (insert air quotes here) are a dime a dozen, I’ve even heard stories about people installing Lambo doors for a 6 pack of bear in the driveway.  It goes without saying how those installs turn out.

My point is, when we did an installation“we cared”; we cared about the alignment, functionality, longevity and durability of the installed kit.  We always recommended a high quality kit, yea you’ll pay more up front, but save on the installation.

With all the research we did, combined with the experience of many installations we found one common thread “Your going to pay one way or the other”.  Save on the Kit?  Gonna cost you in installation and functionality.  Spend more on the Kit?  Spend less on the installation and enjoy some durability and good functionality.

So, the final word on “how much does it cost to install vertical doors?”:  Around $4500.  Taking into consideration hinge quality, installer skills and choosing the right kit.

Our question to you is?  Is the popularity even there anymore...  Comment

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